And So… The Beach Of Port Dickson Is Now A Shit Dumping Spot?

Well, at least it is for these China tourist who shows no respect for mother nature and Malaysia.

Image from Zudomon/Twitter
Image Via Zudomon Twitter

Twitter user Zudomon caught these China tourist taking a dump in the beach of Port Dickson when he took a selfie with his friend.

She must be in her “climax” zone that she decided to just poop on the beach and God knows if she uses the sea water to actually wash her butt. But what’s certain is that the beach now has pieces of her poo poo and that is disgusting!

The incident has gone viral that it caught attention of the the MPPD (Port Dickson City Council)

NSTP reported that MPPD president Mohd Zamri Mohd Esa expressed displeasure over the incident and promised to launch an investigation over the matter.

Until today, there is still no update on the case and I believe we Malaysians are all disgusted and felt humiliated by the act. Come on la, at least show some respect when you are abroad. You dont just go around and poo poo on the streets right? …. or at least that’s what we thought. China tourists… never fail to make a name for their country. Well, looking at the bright side, not all are like that. We dont categorize =)

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