Cutie Pies Pretending To Take Selfie With Slippers Goes Viral!

Cutie pies alert! Here comes two cutie pies pretending to take selfies using a slipper!

Image Via Facebook

This video which was uploaded by Minh Phuong has gotten over 230,000 shares and 11million views in over 2 weeks only!

Video Via Facebook

We can see that both of them are enjoying themselves from the video, posing for their “camera” and having a good time. Such cuties!

According to Minh Phương

“ 2 girls are so busy taking pictures, firstly selfie with front camera then using the rear camera to take pictures of friend, but when the teacher calls, in a hurry they put smartphone down the feet to say “yes teacher” 🤣

At the end of clip, the smartphone turned back to status of peppa pig sandals 😂😂😂😂 “

Anyone remember we used to play “masak masak” because I do!!! Guess now the trend has changed from pretending cooking or playing Barbie dolls to taking selfies. Haaaaiss, time has really changed…

Anyways! We wish this short video managed to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Image Via Tumblr

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