April Innisfree #inniNews Alert!

All these while, Innisfree is known for their all-natural ingredients like green tea, tangerine, and volcanic ash cult-favourite beauty products. It’s not surprising that this brand has been loved by many people in Asia by its affordable and eco-friendly offerings.

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This April, the K-Beauty Brand Innisfree has finally launched their new line of limited edition products of their Green Tea Line & NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder 13th Anniversary Edition for all your beauty needs.

THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE! Time to head over to your nearest Innisfree and stock up your skin care products mouuuuuu??

Today here in Really Mou, let us share with you a list of new products they are introducing ~

Green Tea Seed Line – New Packaging

Combat dry and flaky skin with their Green Tea Seed Line! 

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“With the Dual-Moisture-Rising Technology™ derived from green tea water and seed oil, it can help to strengthen your skin’s barrier while retaining moisture within your skin, for a smooth and dewy complexion.

Green Tea Seed Eye Care – New Packaging

The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive which is why extra care is needed.

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“Nourish the skin around your eyes with their light yet moisturising Green Tea Seed Eye Cream, or Green Tea Seed Eye & Face ball, the perfect remedy for dry and tired skin.“

Green Tea Balancing Line – New Packaging

Specially formulated to help those with combination or oily skin that lacks hydration.

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“The 3-step oil-water Green Tea Balancing line is infused with Freshly Squeezed Green Tea 2.0™ to deliver a balance of oil-moisture and restore your skin to a clear and healthy complexion.”

Green Tea Cleansing Line – New Packaging

Different skin types require different formulations and cleanser consistencies, that’s why finding the right cleansing product is important to achieve healthy skin. 

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“Innisfree’s Green Tea Cleansing products were developed with the added benefits of Beauty Green Tea for intensive moisturisation, to suit everyone’s needs at different times of the day, be it for morning or evening cleansing.”

Green Tea Mask & Mist Line – New Packaging

Day or night, give your skin the nourishment it needs with Innisfree’s Green Tea Sleeping Mask and Mists.

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“Green Tea Mist provide an instant refreshing, moisturising and soothing care, while Green Tea Sleeping Mask replenish your skin’s moisture overnight for a soft and smooth skin texture in the morning.“

NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder 13th Anniversary Edition

Happy 13th Anniversary to NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder!

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“In celebration of this exciting milestone, Innisfree have partnered with an illustrator to create a collection featuring 13 unique designs of a cute bunny with cheering messages!“

So here you go everyone! A list of new Innisfree product to update your skin care collection! Make sure you hydrate your skin with their Green Tea Line in a whole new packaging while achieving soft and fresh skin all day long with their NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder 13th Anniversary Edition!

BRB, on my way to Innisfree now!

Ohhh ya, to know more about their Green Tea line, make sure you visit their website hor! http://www.innisfree.com/my/en/product/productList.do

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