Genting Group buys over Equanimity for USD126 Million!

If you dont know, the Equanimity super luxury yacht is rumored to be owned by billionaire Jho Low – the individual that was said to be involved in the 1MDB scandal.

Just today, the superyacht Equanimity has been sold to Genting Malaysia Berhad for a massive USD 126 million (RM 514 million).

AG Tommy Thomas said that the Admiralty Court in Kuala Lumpur has approved Genting’s offer to purchase the Equanimity on the Sheriff’s Terms & Conditions.

“The USD 126 million will be paid by Genting and receive by the Court by the end of April 2019”.

“This will rank as the highest recovery to date by the government of Malaysia from its 1MDB scandal, within a mere 8 months from the commencement of this action,” he said in a statement today.

Tommy also claimed that Genting’s offer was negotiated directly with the government and no agency commission was payable and this results in savings of USD 4.4 million (RM 18 million)

“Although the market price evaluation of the Equanimity is at USD 130 million was not met, the net returns to the government is as good, if not more than envisaged.”

Tommy added that a further statement will be issued once the purchase price was received, with a breakdown of the expenses incurred and the net amount to be credited into the newly opened 1MDB asset recovery account.

The Equanimity is one of the many luxury items seized by the government as part of its probe into the money laundering activity in the 1MDB scandal. The 91.5m-long superyacht is known to have a Turkish bath, swimming pool and a helicopter pad.

The superyacht was seized off the coast of Bali in February and the authority in Indonesia then handed over the vessel to the Malaysia authority in August last year.

Well, maybe one day…. someday …. Genting might come out with a tour package in the all famous Equanimity for the public. Fingers crossed.

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