Malaysian man ends up with a fractured ankle after trying the One Punch Man Workout Challenge.

Image via Imgur & Ahumerustale

Have you ever wonder how efficient One-Punch Man’s workouts are?? Well, recently the One Punch Man Workout Challenge was brought up on the internet and we believe there are many of the anime fans out there are willing to try out this challenge, hoping that they would become as badass as Saitama, a Japanese superhero webcomic.

If you haven’t heard of this challenge, the One Punch Man workout routine consists of…

Image via Roamstrong

That’s right people! All of these workout as mentioned by Saitama himself will have to be performed
everyday!! Sorry people, no cheat day for you!

Judging from this netizen, Aweeff in his Twitter, this workout challenge wasn’t that friendly for his office mate:

Image Via Aweeff Twitter

“My office mate dropped his weight from 78kg to 65kg in two months’ time doing the One Punch
Man Workout Challenge.” Unfortunately, he had to take a break for eight weeks due to fracturing
his ankle.”

“This type of workout is very intensive because you have to do it every day. I just want to say that
know your body’s limit and don’t simply do it without any proper guidance).”

Image Via Twitter – One Punch God

On a serious note, this is definitely not recommended for beginners to follow accordingly to this
hard core routine, instead, newbies may start off with 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats and a 2km
run. Once you’re ready to take on to another level, then the number of the repetition may be

Have fun and exercise safely guys! Let us know down in the comment section below what do you
think of this challenge? Are you up for it?

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