We Have Heard About Click Farms In China And Now We Have The Russian Paid Trolls

As reported by Business Insider, a Russian journalist went undercover at a troll factory and found that hundreds of young Russian – working as Paid Trolls in rotating shifts.

Image via Business Insider

Internet activities cum journalist – Lyudmila Savchuk heard about a bot organization hiring writers and she signed up for the job. Lyudmila went undercover for two and half months at the troll factory and her story is just amazing, yet scary.

The 33 years old mother of two – Lyudmila started noticing websites and social media accounts attacking local opposition activist in a higher than normal frequency. The attacks were very coordinated and the posts were almost similar. It is as though someone was coordinating the attack from somewhere. Lyudmila later heard that the Internet Research Agency (IRA) was behind the attack where she then signed up to be their writer.

“I want to go in there to see how it works but most importantly, to see if there are any ways to stop this”

Once inside, she Lyudmila was shocked to see hundreds of young Russians working there as paid trolls on rotating shifts.

CCTV was placed all around the halls to ensure smooth modus operandi. She soon discovered that the IRA was divided into several departments – “New Division” – “Social Media Seeders” – “Demotivators”.

Each Worker Had A Quota To Fill Every Day and Every Night

“Each worker has a quota to fulfill every day and every night. The factory doesn’t stop. Not even for a second” – Lyudmila

This kind of soft-pedal trolling seemed to prove that the IRA was bent on reaching even the most marginal and apolitical of Russia’s expanding online audience.

The Operation Was Run By A Local Restaurateur Who Was Placed Under The US Sanctions For Attempting To Interfere With The US Elections

Lyudmila claimed that the troll farm was a Kremlim project – run by a shadowy local restaurateur named Evgeny Prigozhin. Evgeny has then deny those charges but then again, he is famous for his nick name “Putin’s Chef” for his close ties with the Russian President.

Therefore guys, not everything you see in the internet is the truth. The internet is a whole wide world and God knows who is living in it. There are trolls and millions behind the curtain who are trying to manipulate individual thoughts and behaviors in order to achieve a certain outcome – be it politically related or something else.

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