The Avengers: Endgame Will Set The Record For The Longest MCU Ever!

The upcoming Avengers: Endgame clocks 182 minutes (that’s 3 hours & 2 minutes), making it the longest run time in the entire Marvel collection!

Wahhh imagine popcorns and drinks and more food without going to the washroom for 3 hours! We need snacks and drinks right? Or should we make a quick dash to the washroom halfway? Helpppp! What should we do?

Last year, the Avengers: Infinity War clocked 149 minutes (2 hour 29 minutes), making it then the longest movie in Marvel’s history. This record holding movie will soon be broken by its next follow up – Avengers: Endgame which will clock 182 minutes.

The news was first unintentionally released by AMC and then confirmed by Fandango.

Image via Fandango Twitter

If you haven check out their official trailer, here you go!

Hands up for those who are sniping the the very first batch of tickets! Well, at least we ARE!

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