China KFC Is Now Equipped With AI Technology And Robot Ice Cream Maker!

WHAT? AI Technology In A Fast Food Chain? SAY NO MORE!

Customers use a touch screen to order their meals at a KFC restaurant in Shanghai, China, on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

Leveraging on data of more than 180 million Chinese who belong to KFC and Pizza Hut loyalty programs, Yum China Holdings Inc is using AI technology to customize a menu based on the individual preference and local taste.

By using this AI Technology, it boosted the average per-order spending by 1% which is equivalent to about $840 million worth of fried chicken and pizza (from Pizza Hut) each year.

The menu in the KFC app pushes items to customers based on their ordering patterns and local demographics.

“The menu is customized based on who they are and it takes lesser time to order food and so customers are happy. We know the transaction patterns of each store which lets us do better forecasting, which means we have less waste. This enables us to have better margins and be very careful about increasing prices” says Yum.

For example, a salesman who is a KFC regular tries to eat healthy will sees soup or corn when he opens the KFC app rather than fries or ice cream. He then ordered a fried chicken that comes with soup, salad and hot tea via the KFC app and he picks up the order at the train station.

So convenient! Really mou!? When will this technology reach Malaysia?

NOT ONLY THAT! – KFC In China Also Uses Robot To Make Your Ice Cream!

This is how it works – customers will queue up before a touch screen kiosk to key in their orders. While doing so, a camera scans their faces to process payment in less than a second.


But what is happening back end is more interesting. Robot arms will whirs to life to prepare ice cream cones that you ordered almost instantly. After clearing your payment with your face, you can go and collect your ice cream.

So far only a few hundreds KFC stores are equipped with such technology but Yum China Holdings Inc says that 86% of the transactions are already cashless and about half of the orders are placed via mobile app or digital kiosk.

Let us know if there’s something similar in Malaysia! We would love to try it out too!

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