A Phone Without Apps That Cost RM 1,500?! Really Mou!?

Yes. It is real. Holy Moly Shit! Imagine calling you date, Valerie on this phone and she asked you if you have Whatsapp or WeChat and you said no, and if you want to connect with me, call me up instead. ggnormk.

Introducing the Punkt MP02 4G Mobile Phone that doesn’t allow you to have any Apps in the phone. Created by the founder Petter Neby from the Switzerland.

“If anyone wants to talk to me, you can give me a call. Other forms of communications, for example email or social media are available when I choose to use them – and via a linked device that allows me to use them more effectively.”

The whole idea of this phone is to encourage human touch (by calling each other or to meet up face to face) rather than us, diving deep into the Internet world and we seldom communicate in person. The phone does not ping you should there be any incoming messages via social apps – Whatsapp/ WeChat/ Emails/ etc.

The Internet Is Merely A Tool. Not An Essential.

When it is time for you to go “Online” or “Using The Tool”, the MP02 4G LTE Connection can be shared with a tablet or a laptop – which makes it easier typing on your keyword rather than on your smart phone. This approach means that the Internet is merely something that you “dip” into and not the other way round.

But the real question is – Can we really go back to this? Can we forgo all our Whatsapp messages, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Emails, bla bla bla?

Sorry but we at Really Mou…. we will pass on this. What’s your call?

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